How Waterproof are Replacement phones?

17 May 2019 04:22 3
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I've done a few videos testing the waterproofing of cracked phones. Even though the phones did extremely well in the tests, the water resistance is not actually guaranteed and some insurance replacement phones are not actually water resistant.
First, lets briefly discuss what actually makes water resistant phones water resistant. Instead of all the internal components now being waterproof, the phone is now completely sealed off so water can't get in. However the longer you have the phone, the more damaged the phone is and the more wear and tear the phone has, the more susceptible it becomes to water damage. As you can tell by 1st 2 videos were I do a drop test, then put then submerge the phone for 2 hours, they do a pretty good job. However this has one very big achilles heel. If you open up the phone for any reason, it breaks the seal and your phone is no longer waterproof. Replace the screen, repair the phone, replace the battery and your phone's no longer water resistant.
This brings me to Asurion. I had an S7 edge. Went swimming with the phone & put it in the water all the time. Dropped the phone, cracked the screen, got a replacement from Asurion. Put it in the water and it instantly broke. Assuming they would just replace the defective device, I called them. I was informed that not only do I have to submit a new claim, but the waterproofing on cell phones is not guaranteed.
The purpose of this video as a followup from my last 2 on the topic, never trust replacement devices in the water. Also regardless of the condition of your phone, always have your information backed up before you put it in the water, cause there's always a chance you will loose it forever. Also, even if you buy a new device from and authorized store, and it sustains water damage, you're not getting reimbursed for that so you'll have to buy a brand new device or pay in insurance deductible.

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