Animation Oversaturation: 10 Best & Worst 2018 Cartoons

10 Dec 2018 24:24 447
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I wasn't able to find a spot for it on the thumbnail, so go watch Craig of the Creek you sick freak.

Special Thanks to Tyler S. for supplying the new avatar artwork!

Also special thanks to CatBit or ToonMation for the all new thumbnail templates!

Ending Video:

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Music Credits:
0:12 That's Enugh - Jet Set Radio Soundtrack
0:56 Cantina Band #2 - Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack (Underrated John Williams Jam)
3:13 Opening Theme - Incredible Crisis Soundtrack (Thanks Cosmo for inspiring me to use this one way back)
4:37 Theme #1 – Disenchantment Soundtrack
5:35 Cool Party Whoa – Adventure Time HIKWSOG Soundtrack
7:10 Star Base – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Soundtrack
9:48 Victorious – de Blob Soundtrack
12:55 Microbots – Big Hero 6 Soundtrack
14:34 Ribbon Road -Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack
16:06 DA Garden – Sonic CD Soundtrack
17:57 Space Junk Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack
20:53 Blast Man – Mega Man 11 Soundtrack
22:14 Bounce Man – Mega Man 11 Soundtrack
23:54 Mega Man Victory! -Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Soundtrack

This video took about a month longer than it should, and I'm very sorry for leaving many of you hanging. I decided to try some new editing things here and also the past month has just been quite busy. I want to make an update video announcing some new things and clarifications, but I hope to get at least three more videos out in December. I'm just getting started.

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