Strange Creature Caught on Tape

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A strange mystery monster creature - Lord Of The Rings character Gollum, was photographed by a Chinese Tourist near Huairou, Beijing.

The Gollum-like mystery beast's images were posted on the internet quickly after it was spotted by the Chinese camping tourist in the mountains.

Is this an alien, a prank, or some new human hybrid creature?

So what's the deal with this creature that was caught on tape?

A Chinese Tourist was camping with friends outside of Beijing [Huairou, Beijing] when he spotted something mysterious in the woods

He snuck over and snapped some photos before escaping in fear.

The tourist then uploaded the creepy images of the Gollum-like creature from Lord of the Rings to the internet to get some help in learning the origins of his discovery.

He was quoted saying "I walked far away to have a pee, and suddenly saw a monster. I took a few pictures of it, but I am now terrified by my courage then."

A comment on the photo later revealed that this creature was just an sci-fi actor who wrote "Over the weekend I and my friends went to the mountains to take a mini sci-fi film.
And when I was having a pee a person popped up and took pictures of me and shot away."

*Well, I was disappointed to find that out that this really wasn't a real-life Gollum, but that's how a lot of these bizarre creature mysteries end.

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