Hark The Angel, His Name Is Harold | Song A Day #3933

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Hark the angel his name is Harold
And he sleeps on Princeton street
Christmas is his favorite time
He just needs something to eat
He’s made of light and love
And he’s sleeping on in the park
On a bench covered in spikes
Harold’s his name, hark hark

Oh god, come get Harold
Oh god, he’s taking a piss
Oh god, he’s crying now
You can’t just leave him like this

He looks into the window
Of a broken shopping mall
He drinks a peppermint Starbucks
And blends in at SantaCon
His halo is blinking neon
His wings are covered in snow
He hides from his Master
He does not want to go

Oh god, come get Harold
Oh god, come take his phone
Oh god, he can’t get up
You can’t just leave him alone

He covers himself in Christmas lights
And floats above the city
Traffic stops, and people stare
His eyes are filled with pity
He bellows out his name
The earth begins to quake
The fabric of space and time
Everything breaks

Oh god, come get Harold
Oh god, he’ll smite us all
Oh god, he’s raining fire
Down upon the Yuletide Ball
Oh god, make us see
What he sees in his dreams
For the sake of Christmas
Please God set us free

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