Hamburg - Living. Loving. Hamburg.

29 Oct 2014 02:41 59
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The official image film of hamburg and the metropolitan region.

Living. Loving. Hamburg.

Hamburg, a double beat in one heart,
the most beautiful, the number one,
hear the rhythm of her drum.

Swim through her streets, dive into her core,
drift with her tides, restless for more.

Above me the sun, below me the moon,
the constant in motion, the present of soon.

We know where we’ve come from
Our destination is clear
we keep our word, in faith not in fear
a city alive, alight and lit up
we work on ourselves, we never give up

The wind in our sails, land in sight
The salt on our tongues, our river is might
give me the old, give me the new,
feel like ...ohhh...feel like ....uhhhhh.

You can call us classical, modern or retro
As long as you never consider us just so-so

As somewhere between the grunge and shine
Is a people, a city, a place you can’t define
Second nature for the many flags on her mast;
northerns feel first, think second, speak last.

Be part of the game –
cause life near the Elbe never stays the same.

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