Skating the Far Reaches of Myanmar | Golden Skate Odyssey: Part 3

30 Nov 2016 07:45 59
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Welcome to Myanmar! When Korahn Gayle was offered the opportunity to visit fellow British skater Ali Drummond in Myanmar and experience the mysterious South East Asian nation, he jumped right on it with gusto! Why not learn more about captial city Yangon's rad little skatepark and experience the country's nascent skateboarding scene firsthand?

It seemed a shame not to assemble a crew for this trip, and so we did! France's "cOLLAPSe" duo Matt Debauche and George Poole hopped on board along with Germany's Patrick Rogalski, American underground blazer Max Garson and everyone's favorite Canadian friend, Chris Haslam. Needless to say, the van was packed tight with a heavy-hitting crew eager to get some new surfaces under their flatspotted urethane.

0:32 “Xiphoid" by Grayson Gilmour (Red Bull Media House)

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