Trolling the WORST CS:GO Scammer... ($16,000)

06 Dec 2017 14:56 1,663
11,638 265

If you guys are looking for a safe and secure way to cash out your skins, head over to OPSkins and try your luck there:
(Not sponsored) The link wont open if you click it because YouTube doesn't allow it for some reason. If you copy and paste it into your browser it should work.

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If you want to report this scammer here are his links. I do condone attempting to get him removed, however this is not a witch hunt. I do not condone or encourage harassment or bullying of any sort. Don't be a dick.

Also, This scammer is an account impersonator and when I did go to get his links he had actually changed his profile name. It is the same person though, I verified through his steam group and friends list. Hope you enjoyed the video!

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