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Where does the intense energy come from that produces hurricanes and tornados? When a large thunder storm flows across Africa and jumps off onto the Atlantic Ocean does the Lightning strike the water and travel to the depths of the ocean floor and draw out or pull out planetary Direct Current Electricity from the core of Earth? Like a finger touching a plasma ball the lighting connects space to the Earth drawing plasma Electricity through the atmosphere creating huge Electro Magnetic Vortices aka LORENZ FORCE aka an Electric motor producing torque on a massive scale. Experiment, 1" neo magnet, fish tank with H2O, 2 wires and a battery...connect it up with 1 wire above the magnet and one below the magnet Bingo a viscous Electro Magnetic Vortex is CREATED then reverse the wires and the EM Vortex spin changes direction. This is the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane North Pole South Pole polarities swapped. Two storms one near Japan spins clockwise and one in Atlantic spins counter clockwise draw a line through them and they are both spinning the same direction one opposite sides of the planet. How often do storms occur
simultaneously on opposite sides of the planet? Is this the exact same EM Vortex causing both storms from the core of the planet?
When a funnel cloud drops down and starts to spin you can Not see visibly the Planetary Electricity that is at work here the clouds are the visual representation of electricity.
Are the counter clockwise swirls found in the Northern hemisphere and the normal clockwise swirls in the Southern Hemisphere just caused by the Eddy Currents from the Earth's Electro Magnetic plasma field? Yes, in my humble opinion . The Earth is a spinning ball of magnetic rock and we all know when magnets are spun up they produce electrical charge, just like the generator/alternator on an automobile. The heat that comes upward out of the ocean just before a hurricane forms is a positive electrical charge. Positive electricity is hot and negative electricity is cold. One thing that is interesting about the Equator is it has BOTH Counter Clockwise and Clockwise Swirls aka Eddy Currents. Is this why Tropical Storms form near the Equator both pos and neg charges are abundant here. As storms move to the north yes water is cooler because it is one polarity dominant Negative charge which is cooler. As the storm gets farther away from the Equator there is less and less positive charge therefore the storms loses its fuel and slows. So to say warm water is the fuel is correct but not the whole truth it is the hot positive charge that is in the warm water that is the driving force that fuels the huge EM Vortices as they spin up. It does not take that much electricity to create an EM Vortex. Both pos and neg exist at the Equator that is what is required for an EM Vortex to be created just like in the fish tank - magnet experiment. IMHO these big storms are driven by Electricity...Electricity is the driver of fluid dynamics...and they are indeed huge Electro Magnetic Vortices. How easy is it to create an EM Vortex? A six volt battery and some Magnetism... Once lightning strikes the surrounding water droplets in the atmosphere are magnetized this is the key feature of the Lorenz Force and other magnetic torque processes to function same as in all electric motors in everyday life.
key feature of the Lorenz Force to function same as in all electric motors. EM Vortices are the work horse of the Universe the human body uses TINY EM Vortices to transmute the nutrients we eat into hat our bodies need...a crab can regenerate its shell in 24 hours without any calcium in the vicinity...the crab transmutes other minerals into existence with tiny EM Vortices at work.
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Molecules are constantly being effected by Electricity and reforming into different elements...please check out Dr. Walter Russell and his amazing wife Lao...'Russilian Science'. "Wind is created by high charge potential seeking its opposite or balance, once balance is achieved the sea and atmosphere is calm."
This video describes in detail the heat that comes out of the ocean, this heat is caused by Positive charged plasma or electricity coming from the core of the planet science needs to focus their research more on this topic....electricity is the driver of fluid dynamics...OUR BODIES, PLANTS AND EVERYTHING IS ELECTRIC...THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS ELECTRIC AND THESE MONSTER STORMS ARE DRIVEN BY ELECTRICITY. A SPINNING EARTH CREATES ITS OWN ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETIC FIELD.