Something is Going Down. DOWNLOAD THIS AND SPREAD IT

01 Dec 2016 03:06 119
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Something is Going Down.
These are MOSTLY Adult Males. Very few women. This is an ARMY.


MAKE THIS GO VIRAL ! Make sure TRUMP See's this.
If you have a channel - put it up.

This is not my Video. I recorded it from a fellow member of Bill Whittle who posted the link to Bills FB page.

OK, after some detective work I've found that this video comes from a channel named: "The Myth of Feminism", who in turn does not reference where they got it from. But they first posted this in Sept of 16, and the info claims this has been going on for several months. So, this is NOT a one day occurrence, but has been ongoing. Which makes this even worse that this one video shows.

Let me re-iterate - THIS IS NOT GOOD.

While this video is recorded in as HD as my h/w and s/w will provide, this video is NOT 4K.

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