Black Death (2010) – Accusations Of Witchcraft

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Black Death (2010) – Accusations Of Witchcraft
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Directed By Christopher Smith ⋅ United Kingdom ⋅ 102 min

As the plague ravages 14th-century England, a group sets out to find refuge led by a fearsome knight (GAME OF THRONES’ Sean Bean) and a novice monk (Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne). When the group hears of a village the black death cannot reach, they head in that direction. But when rumors start to surface of a necromancer (GAME OF THRONES’ Carice van Houten) who leads the village and brings the dead back to life, things take a terrifying turn. Their journey to the village and events that unfold there will take them into the heart of darkness and put the novice monk’s faith to the ultimate test.

Cast: Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, John Lynch, Carice van Houten

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