All the Green Skittles

04 Dec 2019 02:19 88
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Can you think of a better way to spend a day on deployment in Afghanistan? Plenty of interesting debates to be had. Let’s discuss our favorite snacks in detail for instance. If you had a pack of skittles what would your favorite flavor be? Do you like the green ones? Or is it peanut butter spread you crave … chunky or smooth? You just can’t deny it’s these discussions that keep the days interesting.

WARNING: This film is a comedy that was too offensive for Amazon. Nothing is sacred. No one is spared. We show fantasies about killing, make insubordinate jokes about war, laugh at the antics of a sex-deprived Marine, and just generally make comedy out of tragedy. Would you expect anything different from people trained and paid to kill in the name of their country?

PSA: We don’t condone anything in this movie. Everything you will see is a work of fiction.

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From the self-deprecating, combat-hardened, mildly-comedic, unbelievably horny creative minds of actual veterans, VET Tv brings you A Grunt’s Life. Hollywood creates film and television about the military, for civilians. VET Tv creates film and television about the military, for the military, intended to make them feel like they are still there, on deployment with one goal in mind - killing bad guys. These films make veterans and active-duty military, feel like they’re not the only twisted minds in the world.

If you like this kind of humor, check out VET Tv. There’s a whole network full of this stuff, with the same dirty writing, but Hollywood-level production.

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