White feminists won't discuss abuse of minority women.Why?

11 Mar 2014 05:26 6
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Deeyah Khan talks to Eddy Terstall
Say hi to Eddy on Twitter http://twitter.com/eddy_terstall
Full interview; http://vimeo.com/86845388
Deeyah Khan - biography:
Deeyah Khan, is a critically acclaimed music producer, composer and Emmy and Peabody award-winning film director, whose work highlights human rights, women's voices and freedom of expression. Her skill as a multidisciplinary artist has led her to use music and film as the language for her social activism. Born in Norway to immigrant parents of Pashtun and Punjabi ancestry. The experience of living between different cultures, both the beauty and the challenges, dominates her artistic vision.
"As an artist I feel a great sense of responsibility to participate in our world during these challenging times. I believe in art as a vital form of critique of society, an instrument for social change, and also a source of beauty, history and freedom. As a woman and as an artist my life embodies a fusion of the traditional and the modern, the east and the west, and between work as an artist and interest in engaging the world."

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