Primal Rage *All Fatalities/Finishers* (HD)

14 May 2012 03:54 1,162
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**Tutorial In Description**
This is a video showing all of the Fatalities/Finishers for Primal Rage, I recorded it from the Midway Arcade Treasures 2, the game says it's 2.3 version but a lot of people from what I've seen have had issues with the Fatalities/Finishers for this game, below is the correct list.

Button Layout
1 - Quick Punch
2 - Fierce Punch
3 - Quick Kick
4 - Fierce Kick

1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = X
4 = Circle

1 = B
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = X

Carnage: Hold 1+2+3+4, Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Back
Flesh Eating: Hold 1+3, Down Down - then Hold 1+2+3+4, Up+Back, Up+Back
**Alt Way Hold 1+2+3+4, Down, Down, Up+Back, Up+Back**
Grape Crusher: Hold 1+2+3+4, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down

Heart Wrenching: Forward, Down, Back Forward+2+3+4 Tap 2+3+4 do not hold them down for this one.
**Alt Way: Forward, Down, Back, Forward+1+2+3+4 do not hold them down needs to be tapped with last Forward like above**
Shredder: Hold 1+4, Forward, Down, Back, Forward
Stampede: Hold 1+2+3+4, Forward, Back Forward

Petrify: Hold 2+4, Back, Back, Back, then Hold 1+2+3+4, Forward, Forward
**Alt Way: Back, Back, Back, Forward, Forward+1+2+3+4 Tap All 4**
Shrink and Eat: Hold 2+4, Back, Back Back, then Hold 1+2+3+4, Down, Down
**Alt Way: Back, Back, Back, Down, Down+1+2+3+4 Tap All 4**
La Vache Qui Rit: Hold 1+2+3+4, Back, Back, Back

Brain Bash: Hold 1+2+4, Down, Down, Back, Back, Forward
To Da Moon: Hold 1+2+3+4, Down, Down, Down, Down, Forward
Redemption: Hold 1+2+3+4, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back

Golden Shower: Hold 1+2, Down, Down, then Hold 1+2+3+4, Back, Forward, Back Forward
**Alt Way: Hold 1+2+3+4, Down, Down, Back, Forward, Back, Forward
Cannonball: Hold 1+2+3+4, Down+Back, Up+Forward, Down+Forward
The Churl: Hold 1+2+3+4, Forward, Forward, Forward, Back, Back Back

Gut Fling: Hold 1+2+3, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down
Meditation: Hold 1+2+3+4, Forward, Down, Back, Forward, Forward
The Impaler: Hold 1+2+3+4, Forward, Back, Forward

Incinerator: Hold 1+2+3+4, Up+Back, Down+Back, Down+Forward
Fireball: Hold 2+3+4, Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward
Infernal: Hold 1+3+4, Back, Back, Down, Down, Down

Video was recorded using a Hauppauge HD PVR.

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