Shit UBC Says

23 Jan 2012 02:57 205
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There are probably millions more, some we just missed and some which were too inappropriate, but we hope you enjoy this small selection that we have brought to you. We tried to make the jokes pretty UBC-specific, we hope we didn't overdo it to the point of being confusing. We know this meme is a bit played out, but we saw that Queen's did a version that their students really enjoyed, and we thought UBC at least deserved to have its own. 

Camera work: Kevin Lee

Writing: Kaveh Sarhangpour w/ contributions from David Pratt & Thomas Jeffery

Actors: Kaveh Sarhangpour (@kavehsarhang), Kevin Lee (@jaewon604), Enzo Woo (@theenzowoo), Thomas Jeffery, and David Pratt (@JDavid_Pratt)

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Thanks again, 
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