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Psyon Games' premier production, Antidote: Battle of the Stem Cell is a casual strategy game for iOS and Android. Can you defend your stem cell from the bacteria and viruses?

Featuring hand crafted levels, Antidote is a tower defense game where all your defenses are built on real science - stem cells, white blood cells and neutrophils. What are you defending against? Hordes of bacteria, viruses, and toxins - and something bigger, badder, and nastier is certainly lurking in the shadows.

Antidote isn't an educational game - it's entertainment plain and simple. But, because so much real science went into the design process, it's actually quite a good learning experience. Real mechanisms from inside your body will come into play : antibodies make macrophages more effective, viruses reprogram your defenses, and so on. Antidote gives a deep understanding - and if you want to, you can dig deeper and discover the names, ideas, and where the science fiction begins. Perhaps you'll find a world so mesmerising it changes your life.

Antidote is available in early access right now on Android, and is free to download and play globally. Good luck crushing the enemy!

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