Chinese Feng Shui Music - Phoenix - (風水音樂 - 朱雀) - track 01

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Title: Phoenix - track 01 (朱雀 - 01)
Album: The I-Ching Five Elements of Feng Shui Music (易經五行風水音樂)
Performed by: The Shanghai National Orchestra (上海華夏民族樂團)

This is part of a CD music series for feng shui.

Note: For those who know some Chinese may inquire, the translated title is a bit misleading. The characters here - "朱雀" - actually translate into "Vermilion Bird", which is a different mythical beast altogether from the "Phoenix", which is "鳳凰". The two are often confused with one another simply because of their bird-like appearances.

I think "Phoenix" sounds better, though.

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