Malay Muslim + Chinese Catholic: How An Interracial Marriage Works

23 Sep 2016 05:07 1,112
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It’s complicated enough being a Malay-Chinese couple - what more if you have 3 kids? Here’s more on how Anne and Norsham deal with issues of language, religion and parenthood in Singapore.

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Inter-racial marriages accounted for at least 1 in 5 unions here in Singapore in 2013. On The Red Dot explores the dynamics of these marriages across cultures and religions through 3 couples who are at different milestones of their lives. Throughout the four-part series, they share their relationship ups and downs and how their different backgrounds impact their lives as couples. In each episode, we bring together one member from each couple to share their experiences and seek advice for a milestone they each strive to achieve. Their rich discussions explore everything from dating, wedding rituals and preparations, family acceptance, bringing up children and growing old together. In sharing the trials and triumphs of their inter-racial marriages, they discover that there are just as many similarities between them as there are differences.

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