7 Common Habits That Make People Lose Respect For You

03 Dec 2019 11:10 2,247
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We've done several videos on this channel on how you can command respect through very subtle behavioral shifts, but there's a flip side to this. You can lose respect through very small behaviors, and you are probably doing several of these today.

In this video I will be talking about 7 common behaviors that I see all the time, that are causing you to lose respect, and what you can do instead so that you stop.


0:22 - #1: When the first thing you do is sharing your achievements.
1:38 - #2: Diverting your attention.
2:51 - #3: How you handle being interrupted.
4:01 - #4: Not following through on your words.
5:05 - #5: Instantly changing your energy levels based on who you're talking to.
6:34 - #6: Selling to your friends and family.
7:58 - #7: Lapses in honesty & integrity.


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