35 Best Detective Riddles Only the Smartest 2% Can Crack

08 Jul 2018 42:52 1,293
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How to Boost Brain Power with Mystery Riddles. We've put together a selection of our best mind-blowing super hard detective riddles to test your intelligence and brain power. Scientists have long proved solving hard riddles can help increase your IQ level and boost your brain.

You can awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes and feel like a real detective: only the most attentive 6% can solve these tricky riddles. After each riddle, you will have time to think it over. If you need more time to think, just pause the video. And if you crack at least one brilliant mystery, hit the like button!

Detective Riddles Only the Most Attentive 1% Can Solve 0:13
Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 5% Can Solve 10:18
Detective Riddles That Will Chill Your Blood 18:32
Detective Riddles That Will Test Your Logic Skills 30:00


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