Try Not To be Surprised Challenge!? (IMPOSSIBLE LVL 2)

13 May 2019 09:31 3,182
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Today Shandy are back as we once again try not to be surprised by some of the Jolly most surprising videos on the internet.

(No videos of people getting legit hurt included)

오늘은 섄디랑 또 놀람 참기에 도전해봅니다. 바로 인터넷에서 가장 놀라운 영상들로 ㅋㅋㅋ

(사람들이 다치는 영상은 제외시켰어요)

Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

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