WhipAddict: Donk Planet 'Donktober' Car Show, Custom Cars, Donks, Burnouts

20 Nov 2016 27:26 33
228 8

Wanted to go check out my homies in Fort Lauderdale, FL for the Donktober Car Show by Donk Planet. It was a cloudy day through out the show but some people still came through to support! There were a few heavy hitters that pulled up like JJ's Kandy Green Escalade on all gold 34s, Jays' 73' Donk and Amani's, Nava's Kandy 71' Vert on all gold Asanti 30s, Buck's Kandy Lavender 71' Vert on Forgiato 28 and Slick's Red Wrapped Evoque on Forgiato 26! Of course the were Donks and more gold rims! I satyed until the last car left(Besides the Donk Planet 71' 4 Door) and even got a little riding footage of the homie Hook's Kandy Root Beer 71' 4 door Donk on all gold Forgi 6's! All and all a good day of whips for me!

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