A Day in Bologna

23 Nov 2015 02:19 307
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Imagine a place where you can experience the essence of "Made in Italy": culture, food, music and motors.

Imagine starting your day somewhere in Bologna: in a square having a capuccino, in a pasta shop making fresh pasta with a sfoglina, on the hills taking a stroll or in a motor factory feeling the vibe of engine…

Imagine walking in that protected path made of porticoes, or biking down the medieval streets, entering in a library, a museum, climbing towers or having fun in a park…

And now imagine ending your day sitting and relaxing in a bar or a restaurant enjoying the warm atmosphere, going to a concert, the opera or watching a movie under a blanket of stars…

If you imagine a place you can go there. #BolognaYourDestination


Commissioned by Bologna Welcome
Produced by Mission Media
Video by Wildlab Multimedia
Music "Revival" - Ryan Taubert

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