Theophany - Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed

23 Nov 2016 01:04:53 2,106
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Thank you for patiently waiting and supporting me. Thank you Mike Grier and Ember Lab for your amazing short film and support, Laura Intravia for your incredible contributions, Rozen and Reven for making the vocal ensembles happen, and Sebastian Wolff of Materia Collective for getting this licensed. You guys are incredible and this album exists because of you. Album download, full credits below.

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1. Back to the Beginning 00:00
2. Dawn of the First Day 06:32
3. Believe In Your Strengths 09:44
4. Healing Termina 16:53
5. Woods of Mystery 25:24
6. Deku Palace 30:48
7. Southern Swamp 37:09
8. Woodfall Temple 43:06
9. Odolwa's Mask 49:20
10. Oath to Order 53:40


Laura Intravia
Vocals, Flute, Pennywhistle, Additional Arrangement

Joe Zieja
Guitar, Mandolin, Reeds, Trumpet, Oud, Vocals, Voice Actor, Additional Arrangement

Vocal Ensemble, Additional Production Odolwa's Mask

Vocals and Vocal Ensemble

Coordinated by Rozen and Reven

Emily Berger
Michelle Deco
Trisha Hildebrandt
Cinthia Ibarra
Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall
May Claire La Plante
Amy Leonard
Rachel Pierce
Heath Hyman
Jose Daniel Ruiz
Ted Sheridan
José Madrid

Vocal Ensemble appears on Tracks 01, 04, 08, 10.

Alejandro Heinze
Guitar (written and performed by), Tracks 04 and 05

Sarah Conway
Violin (written and performed by), Deku Palace

Jarrod Samms
Ocarina and Shakers, Track 06

Eric Hollaway -
Oktavist, Oath to Order

Rosie Samter
Viola, Deku Palace

John Stacy
French Horn and Trumpet, Track 04

David Ramos
Ocarina, Oath to Order

Michaela Nachtigall
Viola, Track 04

Hunter Schmidt
Piano, Track 03

Andrey Vinogradov
Hurdy Gurdy, Deku Palace
Thank you Jeremy Gan for putting us in touch

Arrangement, production - Theophany

Licensing and release - Sebastian Wolff / Materia Collective

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