Farm Girl Using a John Deere Backhoe - Look out!

16 Dec 2017 08:26 89
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Hooking-up and using the John Deere tractor backhoe to carve out some culverts and ditches to improve the road for maple syrup season.

Even though hook-up looks easy, I edited out much of the process to cut back on video length. I may go back and make edit a video of just hooking the dang thing up because it's tricky!

If you have never used a backhoe before, you should give it a TRY! It's so much fun once you realize you aren't going to flip over. It definitely takes time to learn how to do it smoothly!

If you don't have a backhoe and need to put in culverts, you can also put a tiller on the back of your tractor and make a culvert line by tilling. Depending on how big of a culvert is needed, you might till the whole width of the tiller or turn the tractor perpendicular to your culvert and do multiple single drop tills lined up next to each other. Then you can bucket out the dirt with your loader or a shovel.

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