The History & Legacy of Johnny Test

01 Apr 2018 30:50 4,937
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"Whoa, didn't see that- WHIPCRACK"

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0:24 Johnny Test Opening Theme
1:24 Windy and Ripply- Sonic Adventure Soundtrack
4:05 Challenge 3- Hot Wheels World Race Soundtrack
6:19 Bastille Day- Rush
7:06 American Idiot (Instrumental)- Green Day
9:16 Skating Music- Rocket Power Beach Bandits Soundtrack (Using music from this show fits Johnny Test so well)
10:28 Dream Trampoline- Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games Soundtrack
14:13 Whip It (Instrumental)- Devo
16:32 Metal Lab Tileset- Timesplitters Future Perfect Soundtrack
21:02 Automatic Action- Donkey Kong Country Returns Soundtrack
24:00 General Offensive… For Sky Deck- Sonic Adventure Soundtrack
25:50 At Dawn… For Speed Highway- Sonic Adventure Soundtrack
30:22 Johnny Test Ending Theme

I hope y'all enjoyed my magnum opus. I used actually sources for this video. Here are a few if you want to look into some of the things that I mentioned:;_2004) Except I used starts at 14:38

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