Motorcycle Road Fights & Crashes in Turkey

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I don't own any of the clips here. You can find the sources down below. Subtitles were added and translated by me. Both the original subtitle and the translation might not be 100% accurate.

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Illustrative Information

First Clip: It's the president of Fenerbahçe FC in the black jeep, and that's his security guards behind him in the black sedan. The motorcycle driver complains about him not using his signal so he wants to warn him.

Second Clip: While a group of motorcycle drivers are going, one of them swings his arm to a car (They say it's to control the car not to go too fast). The 3 person inside the black sedan are security guards of Turkey's president, Erdogan (One of them is his nephew, Ali Erdogan, in the blue suit.). They see it as an offensive act; first they ask the driver about his license plate, then they get out of the car. Then they take out a weapon from the trunk.

Third Clip: A motorcycle driver wants to warn a car driver about him not checking the road if it's clear. Car driver gets angry, gets out of the car and tries to attack the motorcycle driver.

Fourth Clip: Motorcycle driver can't take the turn and hits the barriers.

Fifth Clip: Motorcycle driver loses his stability and falls after he sees a pedestrian on his way.

Sixth Clip: Car driver wants to make a U-Turn or to park across the road then stops in the way of an on-coming motorcycle. The motorcycle driver can't stop and hits the car from the right side.

Seventh Clip: Motorcycle driver can't slow down behind a stopping car and falls. Car driver keeps going on his way.

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