The Evil of Frankenstein

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Peter Cushing stars in The Evil of Frankenstein, as Baron von Frankenstein, the creator of the infamous monster fantasy. On the run from irate villagers who disapprove of his unorthodox experiments, Dr. Frankenstein returns to a remote mountain castle with his assistant Hans. Caught in a snowstorm, they are rescued by a mute deaf girl (Katy Wild) who leads them to the safety of her cave home. There Frankenstein discovers his original creature preserved in ice. Resurrecting the monster in his laboratory, Frankenstein discovers the brain is dormant, and he calls in Zoltan, a mystical hypnotist (Peter Woodthorpe). But Zoltan uses the creature for his own selfish purposes, and unleashes a violent chain of events. (Original Title - The Evil of Frankenstein) - 1964 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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