The Furry YTP Collab Announcement (SIGN-UPS CLOSED, Entries due in June)

09 Aug 2017 00:33 0
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Finally, after 2 years of trial and error to make and finish a YTP collab, it has made a triumphant return. For far too long, I have wanted to make this collab. Now, I feel, is the right time.
| | | EXPAND FOR RULES | | |

Collab Rules:

-make an entry that has anthropomorphic animal characters in it. You have a very wide variety of choices, such as furries in a blog/rant, cartoons, live action, and plenty more. Other sources are allowed as compliments to your main source.

-any YTP style is accepted, as long as it's entertaining. If it's spadinner or something from windows movie maker, make it creative.

-your entry must be longer than 1 minute, but it can be as long as you want. YTPMVs are allowed (30 seconds minimum, 2 minutes maximum).

-in addition to the above rules, your entry must be fun to watch. Don't make jokes run for too long, don't have unfunny jokes that run
for too long, don't repeat the same jokes (unless they're funny), etc.

-QUALITY CONTROL: as the host, I have the ability to qualify and disqualify any entries; that means if I like it, it goes into the collab,
and if I don't, they'll be rejected. I'm sorry for the strict rules, but I want this to be as grand as possible.

-put a watermark on your video. If you don't have one, I'll put a generic one on it (your channel name in COMIC SANS).

-DEADLINE FOR SIGN-UPS: January 30th, 2018.

-if either of these dates are missed without a valid excuse, you'll be taken out of the collab. EXCEPTION: if you don't have an entry
before the two dates but you have a legitimate excuse, I'll extend the date for you ONLY by however long you need. However, if there are multiple participants that cannot make the deadline but still want to join with a valid excuse, I'll extend the deadline to fit the
participants needs. Everyone else follows the initial rule.

-have fun, take your time, don't stress. If there's one thing that makes a bad entry, it's an entry that's rushed for completion. As of
writing this, you have nearly a full year to work on your entry. Please take your time.

-Just write in the comments "I want to join" or something like that if you want to participate.

-When your entry is complete, send a link to it down in the comments section.

-If you have any more questions about the collab, please type them down in the comments section.

Prince Goat Cheese (me) (DONE)
Buffalo Wings and Fries (DONE)
BoomDaCorgi1337 (MAYBE)
Stop using autism as an insult. U hurt my feelings (Participant, to avoid any confusion) (DONE)
Littlekate theLitten (DONE)
E dude 2.0 (I don't know where they went)

Song used in video: "Spark" by Kitsune^2

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