Record it all and let the viewers sort it out. (The Meta Game #39)

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What's your favorite kinds of board game media? Reviews, News, Live Playthroughs, etc.? Share your opinion with Chaz on today's episode!

Just some examples of different types of board game media include:
- Collection Updates (Game shipments, "what's on my shelf")
- Component Reviews
- Event Vlogs (Origins, GenCon, etc.)
- Game Reviews
- Industry News
- Instructional (Tutorials, Watch It Played)
- Interviews (Publishers, designers, podcasters)
- Live Discussions (The Meta Game, Q&A)
- Live Playthroughs (Gaming Marathons, TI3, etc.)
- Podcast Episodes (Posting an audio podcast as YouTube video)
- Shopping Guides (Christmas Gift Guide, etc.)
- Thrift Store Finds (Serious and/or humorous)
- Top 10 Lists
- Unboxings (Unwrapping new games)
- Variety Shows (Board Game Breakfast, Throat Punch Lunch, etc.)
- Week In Review (Summaries of week's reviews & events)

Which are your favorites? Pick from the list above, or feel free to add any that I missed!

Chaz will discuss his thoughts on the topic, followed by a Q&A session about the topic, and anything else that comes up.

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