Tesla Electric Car Revolution - The Past, Today, Tomorrow, what future holds for Elon Musk.

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Tesla Cars, Today, tomorrow and what future holds for all electric cars.

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So Elon Musk is hell bent on making Tesla Cars major player in automotive industry and start a revolution which ultimately might lead to a car that can travel 1000 miles on a single charge, replace petrol cars from our streets and ensure electric cars dominate US and EU car sales by 2025.

To achieve these high standards Tesla Cars are investing heavily in to new car productions, with Elon pushing for annual car production of 500 000 Cars by the end of 2018 and million cars by end of 2020/21.

As is Tesla Cars has 400 000 cars on order and further 500 000 Model 3 cars on reserve, and with current car production estimated at 80 000 cars in 2016, 1650 000 cars in 2017 it might be tad optimistic for Elon Musk to expect 500 000 cars by the end of 2018.

Elon Musk is very ambitious and would like to see electric cars taking much greater chunk of the pie in US car sales. Elon must be over the moon with recent announcements by Sweden, Norway, Finland and Netherlands that they’ll ban new petrol car sales from 2025, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech R, Belgium and Spain will follow suit.

With Electric Cars now taking to the streets in ever greater numbers with manufacturers in the EU pushing Electric Car models faster than ever before.

Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Citroen, Renault just few among many manufacturers who are looking at prioritising electric cars over their oil guzzler counterparts.

Audi German car maker is also set to release its first all-electric car Audi Q6 e-tron quattro in 2018, bringing competition directly to Tesla, something Elon Musk welcomes and hopes more car manufacturers will start making all electric cars. After all by 2028 quite likely EU will officially ban sale or production of new petrol cars, at least this the trend now.

To say the end is nigh for petrol driven cars might be bit premature, at least in 2nd and 3rd world developing markets, electric car revolution might take bit longer, however I hope to see US manufacturers winding down petrol car productions by the end of next decade.

Tesla is certainly playing a significant role in the way people think what a modern car should be. Tesla is launching 2 new car models before 2020, Y Model should be revealed in mid to late 2017 with production of this model starting in late 2018.

Can Tesla achieve 1 million car production by end of 2020, probably not, but not to try is to fail, and Elon Musk is not a failure, at least from what we’ve seen so far, he is inspiration for better tomorrow.

And to make things even more exciting Tesla is pushing for cars that will have range of 1000 kilometres on a single charge, right now average range for Model S on a single charge is around 265 miles, or 420km. Elon Musk hopes to have a production model S with 1000km range as a standard by 2020. Elon Musk hopes to increase the range of all Tesla models by 10% year on year with 1200Km range possible by 2020 on some models, ultimately 1600km range would be possible at this rate by 2025.

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