Choosing Fish for My Predator Tank (PLUS FISH CHRISTMAS)

24 Nov 2016 19:41 1,310
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Choosing which fish I will be putting in my nano 29 gallon saltwater predator tank!! My lionfish is a dwarf fuzzy and he is fully able to thrive in this tank as long as I shape it around his needs!

HELLO NOT ON TOPIC BUT KINDA IMPORTANT I've been coming down with something slowly these last few weeks and I believe I have become anemic again. I've been constantly exhausted, it's been very difficult for me to keep myself up and going for too many hours. I've been nauseous constantly to the point where it's hard to eat and have constant headaches. Due to my medical problems, it isn't a surprise that this is happening. Last time I was anemic, I had to get 6 transfusions done because I was SOOO severely anemic (same symptoms as I have now). I got my blood tested yesterday and I'm waiting results! Just wanted to let you guys know this so you can be aware that I may not upload a few days at a time, but I'm trying my best!!


Also my light was all messed up in this video and so was the audio and I'M SORRY FORGIVE ME PLS THX
Eel is still doing okay in the tank, hasn't bothered my jaw fish at all today. I still miiiiighhhht trade him in for a little puffer of some sort instead though. As much as I love him I'm so nervous he's gonna harm my jawfish after seeing how they interact (I should've thought of this beforehand but I didn't for some reason). If it continues to go well though, I'm gonna keep him!

A BIG THANK U TO BULK REEF SUPPLY FOR THE FISH CHRISTMAS. I already set up the 6 stage RO/DI unit and it's working wonderfully. So excited to get everything else up and running once the tank comes in :) which bETTER BE SOON HERE (no pressure 2 the ppl sending it I'm just anxious ok ok ok)

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