Bugera 333XL sound demo

09 Jan 2010 08:51 13
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This is a Bugera 333XL. I went through two of them and gave up on the company. Thankfully, American Musical was nice enough to give a full refund on the amplifier. The first one lasted less than a week and the second lasted about 4-5 months. They both faced the same fate. Red plating the power tubes and taking out some other component in the process. The first one was a "pre-fix" serial number and the second was a "post-fix" serial number. I don't believe that they fixed anything. Anyways, it sounded decent for the price. Now days you can snag a much more reliable and better sounding tube amplifier on the market both used and new for the same price, or even less. Offerings from Jet City, Orange, used Marshalls, and even some lower wattage Mesas.

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