Beme NEWS! Why That's Bad For YouTube

29 Nov 2016 07:39 104
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Casey Neistat quits vlogging and starts BEME NEWS with CNN and at the same time sells Beme to CNN for 25 million dollars! Which indicates to me that big brands are going bigger and better into YouTube and new media. What does that mean for YouTube Creators though? To me it means that it's going to be tougher for us to break through.

We're also seeing some small YouTube algorithm changes that are not promoting vloggers and other creators Channels. For example H3H3 did a video about this see it here -

Also see Casey's video on why he quit -

In addition to the news that Casey is doing a collaboration with CNN, he also sold his company Beme to them. But CNN is closing down Beme. Why did Casey sell Beme? 25 million reasons I am guessing. I called it a month ago in this video -

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