Oslo to Bergen, Norway by Train through the mountains and Boat through the fjords

14 Jan 2017 12:21 576
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We’re going to take you on one of the most spectacular train rides in all of Europe: starting in Oslo, we’re heading cross-country through fascinating mountain terrain, passing lakes and rivers and waterfalls, and then by boat through a vast fjord, finally we will be arriving later in the day at the ancient capital of Norway the town of Bergen. This special trip is called Norway in a Nutshell. Showing you a big cross-section of the country in just one day.
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The scenery keeps getting more spectacular as we climb through the central regions of Norway, getting a little bit like Switzerland with tall mountains in the distance and glaciers, with lakes where the water is clear blue color.
We change trains mid-way at Myrdal and board the Flam railway which is one of the most scenic rides in Europe. It travels about four miles from the mountain tops down through seven lush valleys to the waters below in the Sognefjord, Norway’s largest fjord. There we catch a boat to Bergen through the Sognefjord. There's lots of great scenery during the boat ride, with the mountains towering high above on both sides of this chasm.
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