Why Hollywood Won't Cast Tim Allen Anymore

01 Mar 2017 05:45 814
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Tim Allen's success on the standup circuit led to him starring in the long-running sitcom Home Improvement, which gave him nationwide fame. He eventually went on to star as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Disney's beloved Toy Story movies and as Santa in the Santa Clause franchise. His comic talent and everyman charm made it seem like he was poised to become a major movie star. But over the past decade, he's almost disappeared from the big screen. Here's a look at why you won't see too many movies starring Tim Allen anymore...

His shtick is old | 0:30
Third in line | 1:08
Big screen disappointment | 1:42
Played out | 2:39
Family friendly flops | 3:17
Works well with others | 4:00
Busy TV career | 4:42

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