Finding home in the only country I've known | Moises Serrano | TEDxGreensboro

07 Jul 2016 13:51 30
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Millions of young people came to the US as infants or small children with undocumented parents. They carry with them the stigma of not being documented and are also blocked from finding a place in society. Financially shut out of higher education the result is creation of an economic underclass that cannot contribute fully.

College student and migrant rights advocate who arrived in the U. S with his farm-worker parents at the age of eighteen months. He is an undocumented activist and aspiring family man who has been working since 2010 with El Cambio by sharing his story to dispel common immigration myths. Moises is currently enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College and is working with the Forbidden documentary project as a GetEQUAL organizer in an effort to bridge the immigrant and LGBT communities.

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