SINKING SHIP - Tiny Town VR Suggestions #4 | Zombie Apocalypse! (HTC Vive Gameplay)

27 Jun 2018 18:33 398
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In this episode of Tiny Town VR suggestions, I create some of the coolest and strangest things I've made so far! These include special forces, dog army, and a sinking ship. A lot of the ideas are of course related to the zombie apocalypse. For your chance to make it on the next episode leave your suggestions in the comment section below. If you did enjoy this episode of Tiny Town feel free to drop a like and subscribe for more!

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About Tiny Town VR:
Tiny Town VR is a casual world-building game in virtual reality, inspired by the nostalgic storytelling power of LEGO and action figures mixed with the excitement of making something original. Build your world, big or small, then fill it with thousands of different objects. Add characters whose joints can be pushed, pulled and twisted into any pose imaginable, then give them a voice with custom speech bubbles.



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