The Pressure of Our Lives Yoga Workout Yoga with Melissa Episode 358

27 Nov 2016 01:03:44 6
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Today’s Class is called: The Pressure of Our Lives
A complete yoga workout.

We have an incredible amount of pressure in our lives. Our schedules are filled to the brim. We have an enormous amount of personal and professional responsibilities. On top of that the media, advertising and social media exert the burden of perfectionism with endless glossy images of perfect bodies living perfect lives in perfect homes with perfect jobs all the while taking perfect vacations.

In trying to push through and accomplish the to-do list of our lives we inevitably feel this pressure in our bodies. The burden of carrying our load is literally felt in our bodies. Whether the responsibility is thrust upon us or self imposed is inconsequential, the atmosphere of pressure creates a burden in our bodies.

Through our yoga practice we create a sacred space to unload this burden in a gradual, progressive and step by step way. First, by creating a sacred space, where there is quiet and a sense of spaciousness, openness and freedom in our lives, we start to become aware of the pressure and tension that exists in our body. With this boundless awareness we have a choice. The choice to release the strain instead of continually pressing through.

The more and more we begin to unburden ourselves, the more we begin to become aware of the freedom that exists and has always existed within us. yoga for beginners. ‎
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