Amateur Radio Roundtable 11 29 16

30 Nov 2016 02:16:12 1
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Katie Allen WY7YL is back with us toning with Dwayne WY7FD talking about the new tower installation at their qth. We also have Rich Moseson W2VU the editor of CQ magazine talking about next months issue. Tom W5KUB will be showing and discussing the BITX40 SSB transceiver which costs only $45 See Tom's first contact with the qrp radio talking to ZS6CCY in South Africa over 8600 miles away.

Ham radio/shortwave radio show on every Tuesday night at 8 PM central. We are also on shortwave station WBCQ on 9330 from Monticello, Maine. Special remote guests, chat room, and call-in phone lines for our viewers.

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