🚨 Daily life Safety with AMBER | EP 21 - 24 | Robocar POLI | Kids animation

03 Aug 2019 25:04 616
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Ep 21. Shopping Safely
Ep 22. Snow Better Time to Play It Safe!
Ep 23. Be Careful on the Train Platform
Ep 24. Staying Safe in the Pool

Super transforming Robocar rescue team is here to save our neighbors and friends from dangers.
There are always accidents and troubles in Broom’s town.
But, in the every moment of crisis, there is our super Robocar rescue team to save the cars and people from the dangerous situation.
They are Super police car POLI and his team-mate, fire-truck ROY, ambulance AMBER, Helicopter HELLY and operator girl JIN.
Through the rescue process of each episode, children get to know the daily safe tips, and the happiness and preciousness when they help others by POLI and his friends of Broom’s town.

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Here we go rescue of you!



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