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Bhojpuri Movie : Laawaris
Produced : Ajay Sinha & Nasir Jamal
Directed : Dev Pandey
Starring : Pawan Singh, Anjana Singh, Gajendra Chauhan , Supriya (Walia), Sahjaad Khan, Sudesh Kaul.
Banner : Arohi Films

Laawaris depicts a story of an 8 year old orphan boy Sonu (Hero-Saudagar). Sonu was badly ill-treated by his step mother. His father Ramesh Lal was a tuition teacher. Once Ramesh lal went out station, meanwhile his step mother hit him a lot, for which he ran away to city. When Sonu's father returned back, he was told that Sonu is dead due to shock Ramesh Lal died with heart attack.
He was left alone in the city for livelihood on footpath, where he was taken home by Sheth Saudagar. A few years later Sheth turns into richest man. He owned few cigarette factories, some pan masala factories etc. Sonu grows up and handles all the factories. There stays a Bengali family who works in the factory with their daughter Chameli. Sonu loves Chameli. Seth's son's and daughter's-in-law were very jealous of Sonu. Sheth's elder daughter-in-law plays a trick and cheatingly makes him sign on the property papers. Sheth's son places a condition in front of him that Sonu must be thrown out of the mansion. Otherwise he too can move out with Sonu. Sheth chooses to move out of house and break all relation with his family. Chameli and family shelters Sonu and Sheth. A time comes when Sheth's older son keeps an auction for the Mansion which was named as Yashoda Bhavan. Sonu buys that 10 crores Mansion for 30 crores, and return it back to sheth. After some time sheth dies, his son comes and asks for his dead body, but as per promise given to Sheth, he keeps an condition in front of his son's that whether they want the dead body or the mansion, they chooses mansion. Later he comes to know that Natha Singh wants to take over all the money and property of sheth, and kidnaps everyone. Later he realizes that he was the person who has harassed him in his childhood. After a fight he rescues every one and gives the entire property to Anand, Amar and Utpal and goes away with his mother and Chameli.

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