Germans Taste Malaysian Childhood Snacks [YouTube NextUp 2016]

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[Click CC to activate subtitles] - These are some of the childhood snacks I grew up with and I thought it would be fun to let my German friends taste them to see how they will react. Knowing very well that they will not love it as much as I do ;) Among the snacks that were tested were:

- Lot100 Mango Gummy: Delicious mango flavour gummy candy
- White Rabbit: Milk candy wrapped in rice paper
- Haw Flakes: Flatten dried hawthorn (a type of berry) candy
- Dried Fish: Mixture of fish, taro and spices is dried and then cut into strips

Check out the reactions when they try durian, the smelliest fruit in the world:

We all had lots of laughters recording this. A big thank you to my fellow comrades:

- Hannah:
- Jerrie:
- Karol:
- Philipp:
- Ella:
- Chon-Dat:
- Stefan:

Special thanks to Chon-Dat from ChiliChopstickz for helping out with recording! Check out his awesome channel, lots of special effects!

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