AEF-NEFL ~ Samson & Gabrielle CHASE Injured Visitor From Nest! SLOMO!! 11.7.19

08 Nov 2019 12:31 0
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The injured eagle stayed in the nest 4 hours and 45 minutes this afternoon resting (arriving at 1:03PM). You will see the left swollen leg of the visitor as it will get up occasionally to stand on the nest.

At 4:48 PM Samson comes flying in first and the visitor takes off immediately. Samson gives chase and Gabrielle flies in to the nest briefly before flying off. Samson will return again to the nest and then fly off a couple minutes later. I included multi cam views with the long distance cam, 4K and cam1 with regular time and slomo! Lots of excitement for our eagle family today! I do hope this visitor can heal completely from their injury,. Thank you for watching!

You can see excellent closeups of the visitor in my video: " AEF-NEFL ~ Injured Eagle Visitor Lays In Samson & Gabby's Nest For Hours"

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

Courtesy of: AEF-NEFL © 2019 American Eagle Foundation

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