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Real World Performance .. RANGER RCI 2970 N4, it's still the king of the hill.
To the point plain and clear why you don't have the watts, range, clarity or reliability that you paid for. Pay attention, radios not only transform signals in to waves, they transform waves into sound.

Loud, ringy, tinny, over modulated, noisy receiver, short range spatter box radios are called truck stop, competition or comp-tuned radios due to a swing kit mod and misalignment performed by a golden screwdriver magician. Yes, magician not technician. They'll poise a meter at you saying "aaauudio" into the mic, sometimes a tone and display exaggerated numbers calling it rms, average or bird watts. They don't have a clue what each unit of measurement is or even how to derive it but they sure do put on a good show! They're easy to spot, they're the one wanting you to "look at the meter" and claim that a pure waveform or Oscope isn't necessary. The "meter show" might look impressive but in the real world these tunes yield far less range, clarity, reliability and a noisy distorted receiver. Sound familiar? It's OK, many have fallen for these gimmicks and tricks so don't feel bad.

Rule Of Thumb and what most CB techs don't know and if they do hope like hell that you don't! Read on ...

Do your due diligence, demand testing and tuning of your equipment on a minimum 100 MHz oscilloscope, Bird 4314c meter, 1 GHz spectrum analyzer on a tuned system test bench with a "Certification of Calibration". A tuned system test bench is the only accurate way of measuring spurious emissions, harmonics and "true power in watts" replicating real world performance thus achieving maximum range, clarity and reliability. Deliberately only showing amps, volts, and watts on a jacked up happy meter with a distorted waveform utilizing un-calibrated test equipment is a misrepresentation and an illusion playing on your ignorance while insulting your intelligence! If they cant display or explain ac volts, pep, pk, cw, rms (Ohms Law), capacitance, inductance and the basic principles of a phase shift then how do you expect them to test, tune and align your system?

The faster rats *** PAY ATTENTION *** CB rat race

Beware the con-artist type that displays one device at a time. They"ll show you a meter, then a scope and "maybe" a spectrum analyzer but never everything all at the same time while fully modulated because they cant. In other words, the math wouldn't add up. Not pointing fingers but I've seen these scams from coast to coast, border to border for almost 35 years in truck stops cb shops, YouTube and now in Facebook Groups. Another shady trick is they'll yell into the mic while showing you an exaggerated power output on the meter but then talk softly while displaying a misleading pattern on the scope. Getting the picture? Getting mad? You should be!

Make sure exhibited is your equipment fully modulated including the meter, scope and spectrum analyzer "All AT THE SAME TIME" and not just a fabricated picture or photo. A video of everything at the same time is the only way of keeping these "magicians" at bay. Don't let them play Houdini hokus pokus watts on you. Most important, find someone who's competent, has a Service Monitor with a "Certification of Calibration" and not just a golden screwdriver magician with some test equipment trying to baffle you with BS and you'll thank me later. Never settle for less because that's what what you'll get, Houdini tricks and hocus pocus watts!

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

I'm not the enemy ... we're on the same side.

10 Meter Radio updates, tunes and comprehensive alignments are my specialty. Talk further and clearer, hear less white noise and further too!

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73's! 163 Hardrive, Down By The Rio Grande.

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