6 Child Behavior Problems That Are Parents’ Fault

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How to change your child's behavior? Can you correct some bad habits in children? You may try to convince others that your child is the most well-mannered little person in the world. But if you make mistakes in their upbringing, they’ll be noticeable in certain situations. You should understand that the problem is not with your child; you should change your attitude first.

A habit of interrupting others 0:48
Your child touches goods at a store or insists on buying them 1:31
Your child doesn’t say polite words 2:12
Your child doesn’t know when to stop 3:02
Your child is afraid of leaving your side 3:45
Your kid troubles other adults 4:28

- Never yell at your child and never punish them for interrupting others. Teach your child to wait for their turn in conversation every day and at home while having a family dinner or talking on the phone with your colleagues or friends.
- The problem is children think you’re picking things at a store without any system. They don’t even understand you have a list of goods to buy.
- Show your child the magic of polite words: don’t do anything they ask until they say ‘please.’
- A child finds it hard to understand that there’s information you shouldn’t share with others. Try to introduce the concept of a "home secret", meaning all the things you and your kids shouldn’t tell other people.
- A child grows too scared of leaving their parents’ side when the parents put barriers between them and usual activities. There’s a setting in their head: if I ride down the slide, I’m going to fall or tear my clothes, etc.
- If a child can easily start a conversation with an unfamiliar person, that’s a sign of trust in the family. However, it may also mean the child doesn’t know adults may have other interests.

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