Help Us Stop Deforestation

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NOTE: Sadly CCN is no more, but if you want to become a "Steward of the Planet" then visit


Get PAID to SAVE Forests.

Whether you "believe" in climate change or not, everyone agrees that our forests are the "Lungs of Our Planet".

Without our forests we cannot survive.

DEFORESTATION is now a ENORMOUS global problem with DEVASTATING flow-on effects such as violent weather, habitat destruction, pollution and loss of our precious oxygen supply.

Many major organizations and dignitaries (including Prince Charles, the Dalai Llama, Harrison Ford, Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio) are campaigning to slow down and stop logging, mining, oil, gas and agribusiness from destroying our endangered forests.

Don't just get people to give money like a charity and watch it get frittered away. Show people they can make money saving this precious natural resource.

That way they will see it as worthwhile AND financially rewarding at the same time.

Make keeping a forest as-it-is a better financial opportunity than cutting it down or digging it up and even the people with tons of money will want to invest.

And that's what is already happening.

Anyone who follows trends knows that environment and sustainability is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

Create yourself an ethical income stream for life (based on helping save the planet)

Come join us and make the world a more liveable place.

Follow the links to learn more.

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