10 Weird Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant

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10 Strict Rules Flight Attendants Have To Follow
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Flight attendants seem to have a dream job, traveling the world and getting paid for it. But there are so many weird requirements that cabin crew must meet that you’ll never believe. From having long enough arms to not having visible tattoos, there’s a whole swathe of rules and restrictions. When it comes to uniform rules, flight attendants have to follow strict jewelry, piercing and appearance policies. Some airlines even explicitly request certain skin qualities. Emirates is one of the most precise when it comes to makeup, and you’ll be shocked at the level of detail in United Airlines’ and British Airways’ handbooks about hair and nails. From BMI scores to eyesight tests and smoking bans, it’s amazing how difficult it is to pass all the assessments. Watch our TheTalko video to discover 10 weird requirements to work as a flight attendant, and tell us in comments which one shocks you the most.

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