Fire Ants vs Baking Soda and Vinegar

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Another battle in the never ending war with Fire Ants. This time I hit the Fire Ants with baking soda. I found out that while baking soda has many uses, controlling fire ants isn't one of them. Once I realized it had no effect on them I reached for the vinegar. And while the vinegar did result in some casualties, cross it off your list of Fire Ant controls also. It did have the satisfying effect of reacting with the baking soda and destroying the nest but mostly just got the Fire Ants angry.
As I noted in the video, I estimated all this action only took out about
60% of the Fire Ants. What happened to the other 40% you ask? They were terminated later in the day with some store-bought killer.

Here is the music used in the video-
The Beginning: Voyeur Jingle Punks
The Battle: Metal Race Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions
The Aftermath: Time Stops Silent Partner

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