Brian And Stewie Unexpected Threeway At A Festival

13 Feb 2018 05:05 1,402
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Family Guy Threeway With Brian And Stewie In Music Festival
Brian and stewie go to folk music festival. Stewie displays a new persona, who has a mustache and country/ southern style who seems to very be active, to he asks 'whose this stewie'. there they meet a music festival chick cassandra, Cassandra is a girl that both Stewie and Brian hook up with at the Rhode Island Folk Festival in "This Little Piggy". When they discover that they both met the same girl, they try to ruin each other's chances with her, but discover she is game for a three-way. Back at her tent, She takes a snort, but as she undresses, she collapses and dies. Since she made Stewie aware that she had no friends or family, they take her body to a nearby cliff and dump it, where it lands on a pile of other bodies that were similarly dumped. stewie has aids. ughhhhh whats happening. igor. day drinking stewie on the patrol for fanny.

Episode info
Season 13
Episode 9
This Little Piggy

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