Erasmus with love

21 Apr 2017 03:01 2
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Six month spent in Dortmund to study made me realised many things. I am not talking about my scolar background in this video - that by the way went very well - but about the humain experience I lived.

Erasmus is an environment, a way of living where you have to be open and adapt yourself.
You hardly have time to sit back. You just catch the time you have to travel, live intense experiments, feel and discover.
And in the end you get attached to people with whom you lived so much!
You get attached to people’s culture, you get attached to their passion, you simply get attached to the person they are.
And then the time passes and you start having a kind of positive routine and you also get attached to it. You appreciate all small details: the design of the university, small coffee breaks, lunch at Mensa, places where you used to sleep and party.
And you observe and smile while watching the everyday meeting of dog owners through the window. And sunrises.
If I had to describe in one word my experience I would say: "connection" because for me, Erasmus is after all: people.

For my Erasmus friends
With love

Video: Elsa Criqui

Music: Coda - ECHOS

Thanks to the International Bachelor of the EM Strasbourg that permitted me to take part of the Erasmus program.

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